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About me.

I’m a graphic designer currently located in Aarhus, Denmark. I have over 9 years of experience with design created for a variety of devices.

A little bit of my story.

My interest in design started at a young age, when I began to create small frame-by-frame animations with some of my friends. In the beginning I used animation software, but I soon shifted to image editing software to create the frames for my animations.

After becoming fairly good at using image and movie editing software, I expanded my skillset to include game making. I spent a year learning the basics and then I started creating my first big game as part of a school project. I was so proud of my creation (This was back in 2012, so looking back, it wasn’t very good) that I decided to release the game on Apple’s App Store for mobile users all around the globe to enjoy. Even though it got more than 30.000 downloads during its release period, I became bored with the game making process, and decided to spend my time on something else.

In the meantime, my older brother had become a skilled app programmer, so we decided to team up. And that’s when my passion for creating apps began. To this day, we are still a team and we’re determined to create great apps with a focus on giving a user friendly experience.

And besides my skills with app design, I have lots of experience with creating other sorts of digital media as listed below.


My main passion is working with app design and especially with designing app icons.


Aside from designing app icons, I can also design a logo for your business.


I make responsive websites to give the increasing amount of mobile users a better experience.

Everything else

I am not limited to creating apps and websites, so feel free to ask me about any kind of design task.

available for hire

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